Alessandro Drago was formed as a musician under the mentoring of Maestro G. Agosti at S. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. 

The precious encounter with Maestro F. Zadra which lead to Drago’s three year position as M° Zadra’s assistant at Lausanne (Switzerland) allowed him to get connected with one of the most important international schools of piano, the one of V. Scaramuzza who, among others, mentored Marta Argerich, B. Leonardo Gelber, D. Baremboim. 

He improved artistically also by attending seminars of “Phenomenology of Music” at Mainz University (Germany) lead by the great orchestra conductor Sergiu Celibidache. 

After his debut performance in 1982 at “Rome’s Spring Festival” (“Primavera di Roma”) with internationally-proclaimed pianists such as Magaloff, Gelber, Lonquich, Firckusny, Demus and Zadra, A. Drago gained success in Italy and abroad. 

He performed, as a soloist, at different festivals and concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, Japan, Russia as well as philharmonic associations in Tallin (Estonia) Riga (Latonia) and Tbilisi (Georgia). 

His recitals at Moscow’s Conservatory as well as the concert with the orchestra at S. Petersburg Grand Philharmonic Hall were a great success. 

Drago recorded for many important radio-television stations (Radio-television of Argentina, Russia, and German Bayerische Rundfunk) and he has participated in radio shows of Rai and the Vatican Radio. 

 Since the 90s, apart from working as a soloist, he was also involved in an artistic collaboration with Rimsky-Korsakov quartet of S. Petersburg and the German clarinet player Klaus Hampl, Russian violinist Aleksej Popov and cellists Luca Fiorentini and Francesco Sorrentino. 

A. Drago performed in different occasions at Salzburg, including the recital and duo with the American cellist Robert Choi and violinist Luz Leskowitz. For many years now, he’s been dedicated with great passion, to the educating and perfectioning of young musicians in Italy and abroad. 

He has also lead different courses and seminars of introduction to the Phenomenology of Music at different musical associations, University of Sassary (Italy) and in some Music Conservatories in which he has taught. At the moment, A. Drago is a piano professor at Foggia Conservatory.